YZ Consulting provides value-add consulting services for renewable energy ventures.
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Happy End of Financial Year / Holiday Season

We made it – it’s the end of the financial year (EOFY) in Australia / holiday season in Europe. Hope everyone is enjoying a bit of downtime and getting ready to ramp up again.

Short and sharp, here are some of the highlights at YZ Consulting over the last 3 months:

  1. Our first case study – Refer to the Case Studies section (including the largest rooftop system in the Southern Hemisphere). Big thanks to our client Yurika! Also available via linkedIn.

  2. YZ Consulting is now an incorporated business! We have shifted from being a sole trader to a “Pty Ltd”. Which mostly means more paperwork, but also a better structure for the growing business.

  3. We have launched the concept of REBA – the Renewable Energy Buyer’s Agent. REBA is designed to act as an independent advisor around solar PV and battery storage to businesses in the wider Newcastle region. Our first engagement with a local steel processing company is showing some promising results (in potential $ and emission savings for the customer). Watch our video pitch here and give us a like, if you like it.


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