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Hello from YZ Consulting - Greeting the New Year 2024

It took some time to get moving after the summer break, but here we are: 2024. And not just that, we are also in the Year of the Dragon. Therefore, Happy New Year and Happy Lunar New Year to you all!

It is the year of the Wood Dragon, to be exact, and what makes this year (10 February 2024 to 28 January 2025) so special is that it stands for growth, creativity, and flexibility. Visionaries and innovators, perk up; this is your year! In fact, it is bound to be a fabulous year for the renewable energy industry: it is driven by innovation and cutting-edge solutions which match the Wood Dragon’s element, leading to prosperity. It is also the year to be generous, compassionate, and loyal, which are good character traits to nurture. We hope you will all soar to new horizons this year!

The more factual 2024 outlook for the renewable energy sector predicts growth as well, driven by a continuous shift to an Australian electricity future dominated by clean energy and by a change in the nation's socioeconomic makeup. The Australian sun does not only attract sun-seeking tourists and heliotherms anymore but large-scale solar farm projects. The country’s coastline will display not only coal shipping containers on the horizon but increasingly turbines of offshore wind farms. Both Australian solar and wind assets combined generated 4,304 GWh in January 2024 alone, demonstrating an 11% increase in electricity generation YoY. January also saw new development approvals, securing not only ecological opportunities but economic ones, leading to new jobs in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of the new renewable energy assets.

Where does YZ Consulting sit in all of this? We are very excited about our current and prospective projects, driving the development of two wind farms in the Upper Hunter Region and advising on various solar PV installations, supporting the 2024 trend of increased clean energy sources to meet the electricity demands in Australia. Industry engagements did not come short either: Yannick joined a German Energy Cluster delegation on its tour around the Hunter Valley and attended the Hunter New Energy Symposium. We also continue to work internationally with one of PNG’s largest property owners to replace diesel generators with a mix of solar and battery systems, with the aim of reducing power bills, power outages and emissions – all at the same time!


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