YZ Consulting provides value-add consulting services for renewable energy ventures.
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Hello from YZ Consulting - July 2022

It’s certainly interesting times – for the world in general, and for the energy sector in particular.

Floods in Australia, heatwaves and bushfires in Europe (wait: shouldn’t this be the other way around?), skyrocketing electricity prices around the globe.

See below a current snapshot of typical spot market prices in Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM).

For context: These prices are in AUD/MWh, and used to average at around AUD100/MWh until a few months ago. Now they are around 5 times higher.

Whilst this price hike makes life very hard for low-income households and businesses, it does (to give it a positive spin!) provide additional incentives for the uptake of renewable energy.

On that note, here are YZ Consulting’s highlights from last quarter:

  • We successfully navigated ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Certification for our customer Bruce Energy; Barney and his team now provide quality management certified thermal engineering services to the energy and waste sector; more on the certification here

  • We have been selected as the Owner’s Engineer for yet another MW-scale rooftop solar system. Work will start in the coming weeks. Details to follow, what we can reveal is that our customer is the Australian subsidiary of a German corporation. For a case study of previous Owner’s Engineering engagements see here

  • We have co-hosted the now 4th edition of Renewybeers, bringing together the region’s renewable energy sector for “networking with energy”. More than 100 attendees came along to have a chat, a nibble, and a drink (and a sing at Jam’s Karaoke later on!). For paparazzi shots see here

All the best to you, your families, and your businesses for the next three months!


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